”Older people are more keen on technology today”

In the article, Harriet Pettersson discusses Seniordagen (Senior Day) with Västerås Tidning, a Swedish newspaper. Harriet is the project leader of this annual event (October 16 2013 at Aros Congress Center, Västerås) that is geared towards people 55 and older and showcases businesses and organizations rooted in several areas: healthcare, home service, insurance, social events, politics, etc. Harriet points out that this year there is a special emphasis on e-homecare and welfare technology and a focus on a proactive approach to healthcare. Harriett says that it isn’t only about doctors and treatment, but rather, forward thinking and development. She adds that older people realize the benefits of new technology and the opportunity to maintain independence and dignity as they age. Harriet shares that there will be special speakers such as Maria Gill and Mats Rundkvist who will discuss welfare technology and breast cancer survivor Katarina Hultling.  When asked why Seniordagen is necessary, Harriet says that it is of great importance to reach out to older people in the community and let them know about the opportunities available to them as they age.  She candidly says that she believes Västerås is the best place to be an older person. Click here to view the article in original Swedish text.

Giraff starred in the opening ceremony of Seniordagen and helped with the ribbon cutting.