Family and friends


…that you and other family members could visit your older loved ones living at home anytime, from anywhere in the world. Imagine that you could move around freely in the home and interact with your loved ones just as if you were there. And that they could contact you or a caregiver with the touch of a button to visit them anytime they needed you. And that none of this required your loved ones to do anything at all – no computers, no keyboards, no complicated remote controls.

That is exactly what Giraff does for many families and friends today. It allows you to be with your loved ones via the Internet from wherever you are, move about with the touch of your computer mouse, and interact with them via videoconferencing just as if you were there. No special equipment, no special training. You connect, you go to your loved ones, and you dock in a charging station when you’re done. Your loved ones just enjoy the visit.

Enjoy peace of mind

Whether you live near or far away, it is natural to worry about older loved ones living at home alone. And if you are far away, add to that the feelings of guilt at not being able to help more with care and “checking in.” It all leads to loss of confidence, and gradual loss of confidence over time is the #1 reason why families make the difficult decision to move a loved one to a nursing home.

Giraff helps you maintain confidence and peace of mind by knowing you can be at your loved one’s side whenever they need you. Or just when you miss them.

Give someone a break

Often a spouse or other family member is the primary caregiver to someone who needs help living at home. It’s a tough job that can cause as much worry about them as the person they are helping. Wouldn’t it be great to pop in, even if just for a few minutes, and give that caregiver a break, to run an errand or just take a rest? The small things, the help here and there, the increased confidence can extend the time someone can live at home, independently and with a good quality of life.