Alejandro’s personal story

Alejandro was visiting his mother, Fernanda, via a Giraff at her home in Spain.  It happened that day that his brother Frisco was also visiting in person. As the three of them talked the phone rang.  Fernanda answered and it was their sister Isabela calling to check up on her mother.  Fernanda said to her, “I am doing great, and in fact Alejandro and Frisco are here visiting with me right now.”

At that moment Alejandro realized that, as far as his mother was concerned, he was really there in her home.  She did not distinguish between his “virtual” visit and his brother’s “physical” visit.  It was a special moment when he saw how Giraff had helped bring his family together for the benefit of his mother.


Do you have a personal story about how Giraff brings people together, increases confidence or helps provide a better quality of life for those living independently at home?  Let us know!  (We will change the names and details of course to protect your privacy.)