About Giraff

Giraff brings people like you together in the care of those living at home. Giraff allows you to virtually enter a home from your computer via the Internet and conduct a natural, secure visit just as if you were physically there. You can move freely about the home simply by moving your mouse, and interact with the residents there via videoconferencing. And those in the home don’t have to do anything except sit back, relax and enjoy the visit.

A Virtual Visit

Giraff documentary (2011)

Nonna Lea and Mr. Robin

94-year-old Nonna Lea and her caregivers and family use the GiraffPlus telecare platform to allow her to continue living independently at home, with a good quality of life.


GiraffPlus documentary of how a caregiver is alerted by the system to a potential health problem with an elderly man.

Robot carer offers company and security to 94-year-old grandmother

A robot that monitors the health of elderly people living alone and allows them to have face-to-face.