Care Recipients


…a device in your home that lets your family, friends and caregivers visit you via the Internet whenever you want. And imagine that you don’t have to do anything except sit back, relax and enjoy, just as if they came through your front door. Your visitors come to you wherever you are in your home. Need help, or maybe just want someone to visit you? Simply push the button on a remote control and they appear!

What you just imagined is Giraff, a device that is already helping people living at home to stay connected to their world. It allows the visitors you choose to enter your home, move about and interact with you via videoconferencing just as if they were there. The Giraff goes to a charging station when not in use and “sleeps” while waiting for the next visit, ensuring your privacy and integrity.

Let Giraff make your life easier

Giraff helps you to feel confident and safe in your home. To know that someone can instantly be at your side whenever you need them. To live independently without being isolated or lonely, and live at home longer. To stay connected to your family, and stay in touch with friends and other caregivers without being a burden to them.

Put your family and friends at ease

Family and friends worry about their loved ones who live alone at home, especially when they are far away. With Giraff they can stay in touch with you from anywhere in the world, and visit you as much as you like.

Stay in control

With Giraff, you decide who visits you, how and when. When someone calls you decide with the touch of a button whether you will take the visit now or ask them to come back later. And you can allow your most trusted caregivers to enter without you answering, just as if you gave them the key to your door.