Annual Connected Health Devices Summit – Berlin 10th-11th December

Stephen Von Rump, the CEO of Giraff Technologies AB, will be a keynote speaker at the Connected Health Devices Summit in Berlin during 10th and 11th of December.

His presentation will be related to: ”Connecting a Network of Care” – real-life experiences in deploying a home telecare platform to connect family, friends and professional caregivers to create a ”network of care” for elderly living at home.

Some of the points that will be covered during his presentation are the following:

– Supporting independent life by connecting devices along with intelligent reasoning in the cloud and the ”instant presence” of a mobile telepresence avatar

– Supporting Activities of Daily Life (ADL) via connected environmental devices, and managing chronic or post-acute conditions via connected physiological devices

– Providing virtual access to the home regardless of the situation or ability or willingness of the elderly resident to respond

– Configuring the technology and the care network to the unique needs of each resident

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VictoryaHome selected for the AAL Award 2015

VictoryaHome, a project that Giraff Technologies is a member of, has been selected for the finals of the European AAL Award 2015, at the AAL Forum in Ghent. In its fifth edition, the AAL Award competition selects the most promising project of the AAL Programme after a long procedure of selection. The finals will take place on September 24 at the AAL Forum 2015.

Within VictoryaHome, a team of care organisation, municipalities, and researchers develop services that monitor your health and safety, facilitate social contact, and create peace of mind. The VictoryaHome services do not depend on automated functions, but empower family and friends, and bring immediate human presence when needed.

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