For researchers

The Giraff system is a proven development platform that has been successfully deployed in many national and EU-wide projects, and the Giraff team is a proven project partner.

  • Flexible development platform
    The Giraff mobile telepresence device is a powerful open computing platform that supports third-party applications operating in parallel or integrated with the Giraff system.  We also offer API and plug-in support for third-party applications.
  • Project support
    Giraff’s support processes are specifically designed for project participation.  Depending upon requirements we can provide direct access to our operational support and development systems, and even branch support for modified source code. Giraff also has an extensive documentation library covering all aspects of operation.
  • Experience
    Giraff is a commercial service today, supporting real people in their homes along with their caregivers.  We bring to development partnerships extensive real-world experience, user access, as well as regional, national and multinational project experience, including:


AAL JP Call 2, 2010-201
Evaluating user requirements and response of social interaction through mobile telepresence



FP7 ICT Challenge 5, 2012-2014
A comprehensive smart home architecture that increases capabilities as elderly’s needs grow



AAL JP Call 5, 2013-2016
Developing tools for a care network around an individual living independently at home


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FP7 ICT Challenge 2013.2.1, 2014-2016
Developing a socially-intelligent mobile telepresence system


Commercial Impact

For EU projects including AAL JP and Horizon 2020, where the exploitation and commercialization plans are more important now than ever, Giraff offers extensive experience developing and executing business plans.  Indeed, Giraff is one of the few direct commercial results of an EU project (AAL JP “ExCITE”).

If you are planning a research and development project and need a mobile telepresence platform, Giraff is the clear choice!


About the Giraff platform

The Giraff telepresence device includes a general purpose Intel i7-3610QM (quad core) processor running Windows 7 Embedded, which serves as a host for the Giraff commercial application and third-party applications.  It also includes 4 GB of RAM, a 60GB SSHD with 550 MB/s read/write speed, WiFi and USB-2/3 support.

The software architecture also supports the integration of independent development work into the Giraff platform:

  • API for direct control of the Giraff motors
  • Local mode support that allows the Giraff system to operate without an Internet connection
  • Software plug-in system that allows third-party applications to integrate with Pilot, the client software used to control the Giraff remotely.
  • Pilot Java wrapper that allows developers to integrate Pilot into other applications
  • Giraff software plugin that allows third-party applications to operate in parallel with the Giraff application
  • Flexible solutions for accessing/exporting data from Sentry, a cloud service responsible for managing call permissions and call logs.
  • Access to Pilot and Giraff source code in some cases, including support for a code branch

The Giraff team has extensive experience in supporting researchers and developers and welcomes the opportunity to work with them.  We have supported third-party enhancements in all components of the Giraff system including the Giraff hardware (including the addition of external devices), software, Pilot software and Sentry management system.  Most of this experience has been gained through large, multi-national projects working with universities and other technical organizations.


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