Annual Connected Health Devices Summit – Berlin 10th-11th December

Stephen Von Rump, the CEO of Giraff Technologies AB, will be a keynote speaker at the Connected Health Devices Summit in Berlin during 10th and 11th of December.

His presentation will be related to: ”Connecting a Network of Care” – real-life experiences in deploying a home telecare platform to connect family, friends and professional caregivers to create a ”network of care” for elderly living at home.

Some of the points that will be covered during his presentation are the following:

– Supporting independent life by connecting devices along with intelligent reasoning in the cloud and the ”instant presence” of a mobile telepresence avatar

– Supporting Activities of Daily Life (ADL) via connected environmental devices, and managing chronic or post-acute conditions via connected physiological devices

– Providing virtual access to the home regardless of the situation or ability or willingness of the elderly resident to respond

– Configuring the technology and the care network to the unique needs of each resident

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