Professional Caregivers


…a tool that could help you spend more time with your clients and build better relationships.  Imagine that you could make short visits in between other appointments just to “check in” and spend some social time instead of always rushing to complete in-home tasks.  And by doing so become an even more valuable part of the care process than you already are.  Maybe even make the difference in that person being able to live independently at home just a little while longer.

Giraff lets you be more efficient by filling in gaps between other appointments to check in on a client on the other side of town you otherwise wouldn’t have time to see.  All you need is your computer and an Internet connection.  Giraff does not replace you, in fact the exact opposite, it is an extension of you.  Giraff increases your value to your organization and to your clients.

Improve quality of life for your clients

Make your caregivers more efficient.  Include family and friends more in the care responsibility – something they are more than willing to do.  Maintain confidence longer and therefore keep a person living at home, safely, independently and with a good quality of life.

At a time when expenses are being squeezed tighter than ever, Giraff can help pensioners live more independently while saving money at the same time.  A growing knowledge base of research and economic models show that Giraff can increase the effectiveness of care and reduce costs.  It is not often you find such a “win win” in today’s tough economic times.

And when elderly finally do require full-time care, their transition to a staffed facility often reduces their access to family and friends, thus increasing their isolation and even contributing to the deterioration of their physical health.  Placing Giraffs at both transition and permanent care facilities allows family and friends to continue visiting their loved ones as often as they like.